[LAD] You couldn't make it up
Will Godfrey
2018-11-30 23:11:10 UTC
I've just read an item on "The Register" about a network connected high
performance oscilloscope... with no security. That's as in Zero, None, Keine.

That might not seem a big deal, except that this sort of kit tends to reside in
research labs, so evilCorp (tm) could snoop on what a competitor is working on,
and pretty quickly work out not only what it is, but how well it's performing.
Said evilCorp could then plant some nasty that casually looks around to see
what other kit is on the network. Presumably this also potentially opens a door
to sabotage.

Anyway, that got me thinking (yes I know)

Has anyone thought of connecting an AD converter to a Raspberry Pi to make a
high resolution, but comparatively low bandwidth oscilloscope for audio work?
Say 16bit 500k. I'm thinking it could possibly be connected via I2C or SPI,
both of which are supported on the Pi...
or even {cough} ethernet {cough}

BTW I'm not talking about connecting to bitscope - that only has 8bit resolution
and the module itself has no gain control and is easily overloaded :(
Will J Godfrey
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